Alerta Call Button

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The Wireless Alerta Nurse Call Button provides the user with assurance that help is at their fingertips. With a large, easy to press button it activates the nurse call to alert the caregiver their attention is required.

The Wireless Alerta Nurse Call Button connects to the Alerta Wall Point Receiver and comes with a lanyard, and a holder that can be wall mounted.

The Wireless Alerta Nurse Call Button is also supplied with a lanyard so the unit can be easily located and to prevent loss.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to assess the user for suitability of using the lanyard. Potential danger of asphyxiation or restriction to blood flow may occur.

  • - Large, easy to press button
  • - Battery powered
  • - System includes: 1x Alerta Button (must be used with Alerta Wall Point Receiver - sold separately)

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