Heavy Duty Mounting Kit For Small Tablet

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A new mounting system comprising customised components to provide a robust and flexible way to mount tablet devices. Adapts itself to your requirements.

Rubberised balls and sockets let you choose any position you want. And once you’ve found your perfect placement, hand-adjustable wing fasteners ensure it keeps its poise all day long. Devices are quickly secured and removed. Choose a Kit to meet your requirements with different holders for your device, two different sized claws and two arm lengths options.

1. Decide what device you’d like to mount:

Small Tablet

Such as the iPad mini with or without a case

Supported device dimensions:

  • Minimum Width = 57.15mm (2.25″)
  • Maximum Width = 146.05mm (5.75″)
  • Maximum Length = Unlimited (Within Reason)
  • Depth = 22.22mm (0.875″)

2.  The size of Tough Claws with custom machined metal and vulcanised rubber ball:

  • Medium Claw – fits rails between 26.5mm and 36.5mm in diameter.
  • Large Claw – fits rails between 36.5mm and 57mm in diameter.

3.  The length of Arms:

  • Regular Arm – is 27cm in length.
  • Extended Arm – is 42cm in length.

Please note: although we cannot guarantee the safety of your tablet, we do provide a one year warranty on the mounting kit. Tablet not included.

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