Invacare Mirage

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The Invacare Mirage is a transportable power wheelchair that provides customers with increased comfort and confidence through its unique balance when driving over uneven surfaces. Its compact design and excellent manoeuvrability gives the Mirage an unrivalled performance indoors.

Manoeuvrability and Safety

The Invacare Mirage is a combination of aesthetics and the latest design principles that offer a modern look as well as a safe and stable drive. Manoeuvring the chair is extremely easy and accurate, especially when in compact or confined spaces. 

Adaptable Comfort

Mirage is available in four different seat sizes varying from 350 mm to 500 mm. Ergonomic armrests with soft arm pads are adjustable in height, width as well as depth, to suit user needs. Overall seat comfort is provided by an optional padded seat cushion. A seat belt is also provided for added security.

Powerful mobility, easy transportability

A combination of stronger motors, a new generation of electronics and perfect balance make the Mirage extremely powerful and stable when climbing obstacles both with or without a kerb rider.

The Mirage is very easy to fold for transportation. The split battery boxes simply slide out, avoiding an awkward lifting position. A unique “seat clamping system” rigidizes the chair during driving but releases with ease when folding the chair. If required the backrest can be easily removed by loosening two hand wheels.

  • The Invacare Mirage is available in 4 seat sizes. 350mm, 400mm, 450mm & 500mm.
  • The armrests are easy to remove and adjust in height, width and depth.
  • The joystick is programmable for individual needs. It is also easy to read and operate
  • The Mirage fits into a car boot when folded for transport.
  • With the aid of the kerb rider, you easily overcome 100 mm obstacles.
  • Tension adjustable upholstery allows individual adjustment of the seating.
  • Adjustable recliner back. Change from an active position to a relaxing position.
  • Seat Width: 350/400/450/500mm +80mm adjustment
  • Seat Depth: 400/440/500mm
  • Seat Height: 470mm
  • Backrest Height: 450/530mm
  • Armrest Height (From Seat): 270 - 340mm
  • Footrest Length: 350-460mm
  • Backrest Angle: Standard - 14° fixed
                         Recliner - 3° - 35° 
  • Chair Width: 530/570/610/680
  • Chair Height: Standard - 940mm
                      Recliner - 970mm
  • Chair Length: 1070mm
  • Chair Width (Folded): 380mm
  • Chair Weight (30Ah Batteries): 64kg
                     (40Ah Batteries): 72kg
  • Battery Size: Supplied with 2 x 12V 40Ah Batteries
  • Turning Circle: 1800mm
  • Max Climb Gradient: 9°
  • Maximum Speed: 4mph
  • Maximum Range: 15miles
  • Maximum User Weight: 120kg/18stone

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