Kymco, Strider - S Drive 120Amp Controller for Maxi-Midi Scooters

Size: Maxi
Inc vat (£390.00)

Size: Midi
Inc vat (£390.00)

The unique design of the S120 with recessed Motor and Battery connectors minimises the footprint of the controller on the scooter.

  • The Motor and Battery connectors are keyed and colour coded for ease of installation
  • Optimises the space required for the controller on the scooter
  • Standard connections and mounting
  • Exceptional Drive Control, particularly on inclines
  • Delivers more Power for longer

Compatible scooters:

Strider Midi 4 Plus
Strider Maxi 4 
Kymco Midi XL
Kymco Maxi XL 

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