Let's Get Up Bed Rail for Adjustable Bed

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The Lets Get Up bed rail from Trustcare offers that little extra support when getting into and out of bed. It is also good for those recovering from injury or illness where they have become weak and lost their strength, especially for older people who already have limited mobility.

Designed to fit most traditional beds in both home and medical settings, the Lets Get Up features a solid, robust handle and an ergonomically padded foam rubber grip. Its adjustable handle height means that it can always be placed at the optimal height for the user.

Additionally, the Let's Get Up can also be easily applied to a sofa or armchair in the home, with a simple hand grip, giving the user an extra helping hand to help you get up from the sofa or armchair in a safe way.

Dimensions: 81-97cm x 59cm x 35cm
Max User Weight: 150kg
Product weight: 11.9kg

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