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TwoXTen is a stand-alone switch accessible Infra-red remote control with auditory feedback using recorded speech.

Practical and easy to use TwoXTen can be operated by external switches or directly by pressing the keypad.

Switch Inputs

TwoXTen has jack sockets for single switch and two switch scanning. Accessibility switches such as Buddy Buttons, Big Macs and JellyBeans are all compatible with the TwoXTen.

Radio Transmitter

TwoXTen can be fitted with an EasyWave or Z-Wave transmitter. Step into the future and control sockets, light switches, thermostats and other Smart Home appliances

Recordable InfraRed Blaster

TwoXTen contains a powerful, learnable InfraRed transmitter that can record up to 20 signals and macros from other remote controls. You can replace your existing remote controls with one TwoXTen.

Auditory Scanning

Make scanning easier by recording a prompt for each button using the built-in microphone. Perfect for people with poor eyesight or cognitive difficulties.

  • Records up to 20 Infra-red commands from other remote controls.
  • Can record long sequences and macros.
  • Programmable scanning options.
  • Single or two level operation.
  • Built in microphone and speaker deliver good quality speech output with 5 seconds record time per command.
  • Jack sockets for single and two switch scanning.
  • Bright LED display with slide-in pocket for keypad label.
  • Easy to mount attractive robust enclosure.
  • Powered by x3 AA batteries

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