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Primo+ enhanced Environmental Control Unit (ECU) empowers people with physical impairments by providing control of the immediate environment through remote operation of electrical appliances and automated devices in the home or workplace, using this easy to operate all in one device.

Operated by a variety of methods to suit individual requirements the device has built-in paging; enabling the user to send predefined messages to the Info Pager* and emergency calling facilities*; making an emergency telephone call to a contact of your choice. 

Each Possum Primo+ controller is tailored to suit an individual’s exact requirements through a user interface of text, icons and easy to understand menu structures, with adjustable scan speeds (if required), enabling easy operation of a variety of functions including:

Send pre-defined messages and emergency alerts to the Info Pager*

Make an emergency telephone call to a contact of your choice via the Neo Care phone or M-Care mobile emergency phone*

Operate telephone to:

            - make an emergency telephone call

            - dial any “one-off” phone number

            - dial a contact in the phonebook

Control of lighting*

Open an automated door*

Control who enters a property or room with the ‘Freedom’ intercom and door release system *

Open the curtains or blinds*

Operate TV, Freeview, Satellite receiver/set top box

Operate a DVD,  iPod or MP3 player (via a docking station) and a radio         

Adjust an automated bed or chair *

Control of remote powered sockets *

* For paging and control of telephone, intercom, lights, windows, doors etc, accessories will be required. 

Weight and Dimension (approx)

Weight: 529g        

Height:  100mm

Width:  190mm

Depth:  44mm

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