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Tobii PCEye Go - an affordable peripheral eye tracker that enhances computer accessibility with the speed, power and accuracy of gaze interaction. Excellent for using in the classroom!

Eye Gaze Solutions give you everything you need to introduce Eye Gaze Technology into the classroom.

The PCEye Go runs on standard desktops or laptops using Windows, allowing you to work with any application that is controlled by a standard computer mouse.

Accompanying PCEye is the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software, which eliminates the need for a physical mouse, switch or keyboard. The Control software has two components, Mouse emulation, which replaces the traditional mouse cursor with the user’s gaze, and Tobii Gaze ion. Gaze ion makes it possible to control your desktop, or any other application, through an intuitive two-step process that reduces the risk of unwanted clicks.

After installing the Tobii Gaze Interaction Software and a quick calibration, you are ready to surf the web, connect with friends online, play games, Skype and even make spread sheets and documents. Simply look at the computer screen and control the mouse cursor with your eye movements, by blinking, dwelling, using a switch or the unique zoom click functionality.

  • Trackbox - the volume within which you can move your head, is large and gives you the freedom to sit or lie down comfortably, move freely and still maintain eye tracking performance. Should you move outside of the trackbox, the PCEye will quickly find your eyes again and continue to track them. Provides great tracking results regardless of most lighting conditions, eye colour, or if you are wearing contacts or glasses.
  • Fits on your laptop, desktop computer screen or external monitor.
  • Easily attaches and detaches using a smart, seamless magnetic mounting plate and USB connection. No external power supply needed.
  • It is lightweight and small enough to be easily transported and used with different computers and in different environments.
  • All processing for the eye tracker is done on the PCEye itself, not on your computer. You do not need the latest desktop or laptop in order to use gaze interaction as a computer access method.


  • Operating system – Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • 19” – 24” screens.

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